NASCAR driver kicks ass on the track, pinches ass off the track

Laura Byrne Contributor
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NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart may not know how to stay behind in a race, but he seems to spend plenty of time behind a top competitor’s wife.

ESPN cameras caught Stewart playing a game of grab-ass with DeLana Harvick, Kevin Harvick’s wife, at the Chicagoland Speedway last weekend.

According to Stewart, “it’s always been good luck.”  His car took sixth in the Chase for the Sprint Cup opener.

“You got to do what works,” he told Fox Sports.

“It wasn’t something that was out of the normal for us. Kevin comes up and gets me. I get DeLana. DeLana gets both of us. We’re always just messing around, not necessarily at the same time.”


Stewart is less concerned with being caught and more shocked that the video that’s gone viral has caused such a stir.

“This is old news. … We’ve been doing that ever since I was driving the Nationwide car with them. We’ve always joked around and horsed around like that. It just seems like when it was caught on camera it was a lot bigger deal for some reason,” Stewart said Tuesday at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Besides feeling up Delana, Stewart also periodically drops in at the Harvick motor coach and surprises Kevin in the shower.

“But that’s a whole different story,” Stewart said.