Ahmadinejad meets with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrahkan

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with the Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan and other religious leaders Tuesday, according to an English translation of the Iranian president’s Web page posted Wednesday.

In a picture of the Tuesday evening meeting, Farrakhan — known for making brutally anti-Semitic assertions, and calling President Obama a “murderer” for the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi — is seen smiling as he sits at a table with the Iranian president.

According to Ahmadinejad’s Web page, the night before his address to the UN General Assembly, Ahmadinejad, Farrakhan and seven other leaders of “Abrahamic religions” listened to the Iranian president’s desires for a new world order.

Ahmadinejad made his case again for the regime’s nuclear program, arguing that Iran has a right to develop clean energy and stressing that “US animosity” against the Iranian government and its nuclear program is due to America’s desire for the Middle East’s energy resources, the Iranian government claimed on their webpage.

“He further pointed to the Western countries contradictory approach regarding their opposition to the atomic bombs and said if they are true with their claims why they do not destroy their own nuclear bombs first,” the Iranian government wrote of Ahmadinejad’s comments.

The Iranian president went on to demonize Israel, saying that the “Zionist regime” demonstrates their weakness by threatening Iran. The Ahmadinejad’s website notes he added that the “Zionist regime is suffering from mental disequilibrium.”

Ahmadinejad claimed that America is seeking to reestablish itself as an empire but that the “Iranian nation is scared of nothing and will confront all bullying powers,” and that the American system and its two political parties leads to “discrimination.” (RELATED: Farrakhan sends letter asking Jews for reparations)

“Referring to the elections procedures in the US, Dr. Ahmadinejad said only two political parties exist in America and no independent person has the chance to run in and win the elections,” the Iranian president’s website concluded its write up of the meeting. “Such a system, he added, will have no results but discrimination.”

The New York Post noted in 2010 that Ahmadinejad had a separate “hush-hush” meal with members of the New Black Panther Party and Farrakhan. (SEE ALSO: Farrakhan recounts UFO abduction)

The Iranian president is in New York City this week for the 67th Session of the U.N. General Assembly. He addressed the international body Wednesday.

This article was updated after publication to clarify that the New York Post’s observation of a meeting between Ahmadinejad and Farrakhan came in 2010. That meeting was separate from the one referred to in this article.

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