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CNN: Candy Crowley gave Obama more time during the debate because he talks more slowly or something

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Yesterday, we learned that despite all of Obama’s whining about not getting equal time during Tuesday’s debate, he actually talked for four minutes longer. And I joked that he needed that extra time for all his muttering and stuttering and “Uh, uh, uhhhhhh.”

Well, guess what?

TMZ broke this story, which tells you something about the state of the news industry, I suppose:

CNN’s Managing Editor sent an email around the office today, praising Candy Crowley and trying to blunt criticism that she was unfair to Mitt Romney.

The email — sent by Mark Whitaker and obtained by TMZ — is almost a series of talking points to address Candy’s critics.

It’s what you’d expect: Crowley did a great job, her Benghazi “fact-check” was fake but accurate, Romney’s just a big crybaby, etc.

And then the best part. Whitaker actually wrote down these words and sent them to people who work for him:

“On why Obama got more time to speak, it should be noted that Candy and her commission producers tried to keep it even but that Obama went on longer largely because he speaks more slowly. We’re going to do a word count to see whether, as in Denver, Romney actually got more words in even if he talked for a shorter period of time.”

A word count. Seriously.

Once again, rules are rules unless they interfere with Obama’s ambitions. (Right, Michelle?)

But hey, so what if Crowley constantly interrupted Romney, fact-checked him with facts that weren’t actually facts, and gave Obama more time because he’s such a precious angel with such big thoughts in his head that it takes him a minute to get them all out? What does that have to do with anything?

Four more years!

Obama 2012: Talks More, Says Less

(Hat tip: Ben Shapiro)

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