Espionage, covert operations: Series takes audiences into the ‘Danger Zone’

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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What you read in the newspaper or see on television is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is actually occurring in matters of national security and defense.

The second season of “Danger Zone,” which premieres Oct. 18 on the cable network RLTV, sets out to pull back the veil on some the most dramatic and covert operations in American history — many of which the public was never aware of. “Danger Zone” will recount secretive operations of the CIA, FBI and the government from the Kennedy years up until the present turmoil in Syria.

From RLTV:

“Danger Zone takes you behind the media reports that provide only superficial details of espionage and counter intelligence. Danger Zone digs deeper because espionage, counter-intelligence and undercover work are our only news beat. Danger Zone will reveal to our audience the reality of the targeting of our nation by foreign spies, double agents and American traitors.”

Guests like former CIA directors James Wooley and General Michael Hayden, retired undercover FBI agent Jack Garcia, and one of the last living members of President John F. Kennedy’s Secret Service team, Gerald Blaine, all make appearances and reveal their surprising and dangerous undercover missions.

“Danger Zone” host — former vice chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, award-winning journalist and former U.S. Ambassador Richard Carlson — talked to The Daily Caller about why the series is important.

“The show will be relevant to anyone with an interest in national security and intelligence,” Carlson told TheDC.

“We live in a time when foreign policy and national security is an important subject, it counts — and the world is in difficult circumstance,” Carlson said. “The subject of is not intelligence is not only compelling, it’s important. The guests give insights that might be unavailable otherwise.”

Col. Bill Cowan, former U.S. Marine and international terrorism expert who once served as an intelligence officer in the Pentagon co-hosts “Danger Zone” along with battlefield psychologist from the George Washington University Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management, Dr. Renee Garfinkle.

You can catch “Danger Zone” starting on Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. EST, with replays on Sundays at 7 and 10 a.m.

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