First undecided debate questioner undecided no more

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Jeremy Epstein, the 20-year-old Long Island college student who asked the first question in Tuesday night’s debate and briefly became a Twitter sensation (hashtag #jeremy), told NBC 4 New York Wednesday that he has decided how he will cast his vote in November.

With the question that set off what would be a testy debate, the junior at Adelphi University sought reassurance about his job prospects after graduation.

Epstein, an exercise science major, said he felt he was speaking for an entire generation with his question.

“I’m representing a whole other group of people my age, people who are facing the exact same problems, who are worried if they’re going to be able to move out of their parents’ house and support themselves,” Epstein said, according to Newsday.

“I thought they both spoke very eloquently,” Epstein said, according to NBC 4. “They both did a great job answering the question.”

Asked Wednesday if he remained undecided, Epstein said he had finally made up his mind.

“No, I think I made a decision,” he said, NBC 4 reported.

Epstein declined to say which candidate he now supports. However, he did tell NBC 4 New York that he had been “swaying a little bit, I guess, towards the incumbent,” before the debate.

If Epstein has decided to vote for Romney, it could be because Romney hammered the theme of job creation in answering Epstein’s question and throughout the rest of the debate.

“We have not made the progress we need to make to put people back to work,” Romney said. “That’s why I put out a five-point plan that gets America 12 million new jobs in four years and rising take-home pay.”

Romney also promised that his policies would help Epstein.

“I’m going to make sure you get a job,” Romney said.

If Epstein has instead chosen to cast his vote for Obama, it could be because Obama touted the creation of five million private-sector jobs over the last 30 months.

“There are a bunch of things we can do to make sure your future is bright,” Obama said.

Obama also stressed manufacturing jobs in answering Epstein’s question, which Epstein may or may not find appealing once he gets his college diploma.

Epstein told MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” that he was able to chew the fat with both candidates after the debate.

Romney thanked him for his question, according to Epstein’s account of the conversation. The two men then talked about Epstein’s post-college prospects.

“I asked him if he’s gonna give me that job in two years and he said, ‘Maybe,’” Epstein said, according to NBC 4.

Epstein said that his conversation with Obama differed substantially. Instead of jobs, the two talked about NBA basketball.

“Then I was speaking with President Obama asking how his Chicago Bulls are gonna do, because they lost their MVP Derek Rose, and he said that I could not beat him in one-on-one, but I disagree with that.”

According to Newsday, Obama suggested that his basketball prowess would be too much for the student.

“I’ve got too many veteran moves for you,” Epstein said the president told him.

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