Mark Levin takes issue with George Will, Charles Krauthammer debate analyses

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Wednesday radio program, conservative talker Mark Levin suggested he didn’t care much for the presidential debate analysis of either The Washington Post’s George Will or the Fox News Channel’s Charles Krauthammer.

Levin, author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” first took on Will, who called Tuesday’s town hall debate “immeasurably the best in American history” on ABC’s post-debate coverage.

“Why? How can this be said to be ‘immeasurably the best?’” Levin asked. “I don’t think more lies have been told in 90 minutes in history of debates. Why? The constant interrupting by the moderator? You know what it is? It’s all about the superficial. They wanted to see a fight. They got a fight. Well, good for them. I like to see fights, too.”

Levin said his preferred type of fighting was UFC mixed marital arts, but said that type of fight adds nothing to the political discourse.

“What did we gain from this debate?” Levin said. “Did we learn something we didn’t know before? Was there some game changer, and I don’t mean game changer in terms of a game, but did Obama surrender his ideology? Did he say he was going to reverse course? No, remember, this election is between Obama and us. So he didn’t score any points with me. Did he with you? This is absolutely preposterous.”

The conservative talker said Will was trapped in a Beltway mindset.

“You’re caught in a mindset, you can’t get out of it,” Levin said. “Look what’s going on all over the country. Do you think people are persuaded by ‘debating points?’”

Levin went on to call all this “crap,” warned the country is “at the precipice … staring over the edge into the darkness,” and even blasted Krauthammer’s post-debate comments on the Fox News Channel that Obama had won the debate “on points.”

“This election is not about Mitt Romney, as much as I strongly, strongly support him in this election,” Levin said. “This election is about you. It’s about your children. It’s about the Constitution. It’s about your unalienable rights. We take this election personally. That’s what Charles [Krauthammer] doesn’t get. That’s what George [Will] doesn’t get. I’m not saying this to attack them or be critical of them. I’m saying open your eyes and look. It’s not the Nixon-Kennedy debates. Everything’s on the line, right now.”

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