Kim Kardashian takes shirt off, shows candidates how to message with impact.

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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By this point in the election, most people, especially those in swing states, are being subjected to wall-to-wall ads on the radio, TV and on nearly every website they visit urging them to vote for a particular candidate. Everywhere you go there are yard signs and, after a while, it all just fades into the background. Consequently, political ad-makers are constantly looking for new ways to appeal to voters. Well, they could do worse than pay attention to Kim Kardashian.

Very little can stop the juggernaut that is a presidential election with less than two weeks to go, but Ms. Kardashian is giving it a go.

Kim , who posted a picture to her Instagram account of her wearing sweatpants and a bra tagged with the comment “I just want to chill in my sweats all day!” managed to get over 92,200 likes on her picture. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama’s posts can barely get above 30,ooo likes on his Facebook page.

Romney, Obama, the jury has spoken: If you want to appeal to people you need to lose the shirts and get on those sweatpants. (Bras are optional, gentlemen.)

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