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Why does the left attract more young people? [VIDEO]

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It’s been said that if you’re young and conservative, you’re heartless, and if you’re old and liberal, you’re stupid.

So why do young people tend to back left-leaning politicians? Because the left has done a better job of telling their story, filmmaker Curtis Bowers said.

“They’ve very good, and we’re not, at presenting their cause as noble, it’s bigger-than-life, and we’re going to make a difference, we’re going to change the world, and we’re not,” the former Idaho state representative said. “We’ve been on the defensive here for so long now that we’ve lost the ability, like a Douglas MacArthur by a speech to inspire you so much about duty, honor and country and what is right and the character — where you’re ready to stand up and go, I’ll fight for my country. We’ve lost the ability to do this.”

“We’ve just been saying, stop this, stop that,” Bowers said. “We need to get better at selling what we are doing, which is what is noble and right and true, and truly makes a difference, and truly helps the poor and helps everything around the world, if we’re pushing it forward. We need to get better at selling that.”

Look for the full interview with Bowers Monday about his film “Agenda: Grinding American Down.”

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