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Biden: “As they say in my business, I’m gonna give you the whole load today”

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Bill Clinton is trying to ruin it for Obama on purpose. Joe Biden just can’t help it. Obama’s stuck with both of them.

One. Heartbeat. Away.

Courtesy of Ace, who asks:

Does anyone in the media worry that the currently-serving Vice President isn’t mentally all there? We had a National Panic about this when Sarah Palin was running for the post. Not a week goes by that Joe Biden doesn’t have a senior moment, but apparently it’s now okay that the Vice President might be ever so slightly mentally checked out.

Yeah, but that’s different because Joe Biden is a Democrat, and the people who make such judgments on our behalf want the Democrats to win. They’ll scour through 24,000 pages of e-mails in a failed attempt to find more dirt on Palin, who doesn’t even hold office anymore. But Biden could drop trou and take a dump onstage, grinning his Joker rictus grin all the while, and the press would say, “Oh, that’s just Joe bein’ Joe. Ain’t he a pip?” Or at least the ones who didn’t ignore him entirely, so as not to ruin things for Obama.

Journalistic ethics?

P.S. Biden to voter: “Are you Indian?” Voter to Biden: “American!”