‘Gas Can Man’ pays for Ohioans at the pump

Zachary Snider Contributor
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A coalition of pro-energy independence groups continued their “Gas Can Man” campaign yesterday in Ohio, offering gas for $1.84 a gallon, the same cost as when Obama took office.

The New American Energy Opportunity Foundation (NAEOF) and Morning in America, Inc. kicked off the campaign in Cincinnati and have planned stops in Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Akron, Toledo, Youngstown and Zanesville later this week in an attempt to educate Americans on the policies that they say have driven gas prices higher and kept America from obtaining energy independence.

“The approach of the Obama administration is to continue to shut off our energy resources, keep our prosperity from coming to bear and to push jobs aside and overseas when they should be being created here,” Steve Gill, president of Morning in America, Inc., told The Daily Caller, referencing America’s failure to take advantage of its natural gas, oil and coal resources.

Morning in America, Inc. has spent nearly $400,000 on 35 events around the country highlighting the difference in the price of customers’ total purchase in comparison to what they would have paid four years ago.

The NAEOF has poured an extensive amount of funds into its national campaign for energy independence as well.

The campaign includes $1 million in national radio ads, up to $200,000 in additional radio ads in Ohio, newspaper ads and events in Ohio, one-on-one voter contact and a $300,000 internet presence, including a new video.

With the presidential election in less than a week, the organizations are making one final surge to connect with Ohio voters, focusing specifically on jobs revolving around the rich shale deposits in northeastern Ohio.

Both organizations noted that the high gas prices have a particularly harsh effect on women.

“They’re the ones taking kids, for the most part, to soccer practice,” said Gill. “They see the higher prices at the grocery store due to increased fuel prices.”

Joe DeSantis, spokesmen for the NAEOF, said that one woman told him that, until “Gas Can Man” came along, she hadn’t completely filled her gas tank in two years.

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