‘Betraying the values of Latinos’: Eduardo Verástegui calls out Obama in new campaign [VIDEO]

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Mexican actor and producer Eduardo Verastegui — considered among Hispanics to be the “Brad Pitt of Mexico” — released a new video Friday attacking President Barack Obama for supporting abortion and “betraying the values of Latinos.”

In partnership with the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles and the Susan B. Anthony List, Verastegui “criticizes President Obama for supporting taxpayer-funded abortions and overseeing a record number of deportations—more than any other president since 1892, when recordkeeping began,” according to the press release.

The video was released in conjunction with an automated calling campaign targeted to six key battleground states where the Latino vote is expected to be decisive: Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

Watch the video:


The campaign website presents three other videos in English and Spanish, including a graphic video depicting abortion.

The automated calls feature several messages from Verastegui that accuse President Obama of “attacking our values: life, family and faith — vida, familia, fe!”

“From day one, they have worked to advance abortion at home and abroad,” Verastegui says in the calls. “And they have unleashed an unprecedented attack on the Church and its freedom.”

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Alphonso Aguilar, Executive Director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, did not shy away from criticizing the president.

“Eduardo is attacking the president because the president is attacking religious freedom,” Aguilar told TheDC.

Eduardo Verastegui has been the most outspoken advocate for life and commands tremendous respect in the Hispanic community—working in Hollywood while supporting pro-life policies,” he added. “In this critical final stretch, he’s taking his message to Latino voters.”

In his most recent film, “For Greater Glory,” Verastegui stars alongside Eva Longoria, a Hispanic actress known for her outspoken support of the president.

“I see an incredible irony,” Aguilar told TheDC, referring to Longoria’s decision to star in a film depicting religious persecution by the Mexican government.

“It’s frustrating, because [Longoria] is supporting a president who really doesn’t represent the values of the Latino community,” Aguilar said. (RELATED VIDEO: Eva Longoria: Romney’s views are ‘polarizing,’ ‘dangerous’ for Latinos)

“She’s representing Hollywood values, not Latino values,” he added. “Our whole culture is under attack. We have to speak up.”

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