Dominican government official: Sen. Bob Menendez a frequent guest at ‘sex, hookers and drinking’ parties

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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A high-level government official from the Dominican Republic told The Daily Caller that New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez and wealthy campaign donor Dr. Salomon Melgen have been having sex parties on the Caribbean nation for years.

“As far as Bob Menendez is concerned he has a very good life there,” the official said during an in-person interview with TheDC. “He likes sexual things.”

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he fears retribution from powerful people connected to Menendez and Melgen, has direct knowledge of the goings-on at Melgen’s private villa in the luxurious Dominican Casa de Campo resort. He said Menendez travels with Melgen to the property at least three times per year.

When Menendez is there, he said, they have parties in the three-bedroom villa located in Casa de Campo’s Batey neighborhood. The parties feature “sex, hookers and drinking.”

Menendez has been going to Melgen’s villa “for at least the past three years, probably longer,” the source said.

At one party “about a year ago,” the Dominican government official said, Menendez and Melgen had “seven girls there,” all prostitutes.

“They have sex orgies, lesbian stuff — girls making out with each other and what not.”

“Bob likes that stuff,” the Dominican official said of Sen. Menendez.

About “six, seven or eight” prostitutes join each party. Menendez and Melgen “keep the group small on purpose,” the official said, usually only inviting a third man named “Miguel” — someone “closer to Bob than he is to the doctor.”

A typical Menendez-Melgen blowout “goes pretty late — until they get wasted,” the Dominican government official told TheDC. After ordering food, the men “start drinking, then the girls start coming in and the action begins.”

The source said Melgen “drinks a ton,” so he usually passes out first. Senator Menendez usually follows suit after drinking and having sex until he’s too exhausted to stay awake.

The hookers Menendez and Melgen hire aren’t everyday Dominican working girls. “They’re low-key prostitutes,” the government official told TheDC. “They’re higher-class than the average prostitute.”

Some are high-class call girls. Others are beautiful women with day jobs — “office jobs or something,” the source said — who participate in sex parties for extra income.

Menendez and Melgen, the source said, are careful to make sure the women they hire for sex are not underage.

“This one particular time there was this one girl who was particularly young,” the official said. “Salomon asked for her ID — she said she was 20 and her ID showed that — but he sent her away anyway.”

While Menendez and Melgen have kept their sexual escapades largely under wraps, the Dominican government official told TheDC that stories have surfaced in Dominican tabloids before.

“He [Menendez] is getting to be well known [in the Dominican Republic] for this party mentality because a few times it’s hit the press — the gossip columns,” the source said.

This source confirms what TheDC reported last week: that Menendez underpaid two Dominican prostitutes around Easter this year. Also confirmed was that the senator was in the Dominican Republic during those days.

Menendez, the source said, will likely “den[y] it to try to save his political reputation.”

The source added that while it’s common for Dominican government officials to engage in wild sex escapades in their own country — where prostitution is legal — it’s unusual to see an American elected official doing the same thing.

“It’s so typical down there every government official does it anyways,” the source said. “In the Dominican Republic, having these kinds of affairs is very common.”

A Menendez spokeswoman did not respond to TheDC’s request for comment for this article.

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