Voter turnout in Ohio: Up in traditionally GOP county, down in traditionally Dem county

Laura Byrne Contributor
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Voter turnout in Ohio is up in traditionally Republican Geauga County, but down in traditionally Democratic Athens County.

The early vote in Geauga county is also up, with a 125 percent increase from 2008.

John McCain won Geauga County in 2008 with 57 percent of the vote, and four years earlier, George W. Bush won Geauga County with 60 percent of the vote.

The Geauga election chief expects the voter turnout to be up to 80 percent  today.

Meanwhile, turnout is down in Athens County — the home of Ohio University and a county Obama won with 67 percent of the vote in 2008.

The early vote in Athens County also decreased 10 points from 2008.

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