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I think when you spread Nancy Pelosi’s wealth around, it’s good for everybody

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Pretty much the only high point of Tuesday night (or low point, depending on how much you hate America) was the news that Republicans would maintain control of the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t be getting her claws back on that gavel.

Now here’s another happy piece of Pelosi news to cheer you up a little. San Francisco Chronicle:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi won’t be House majority leader in the next Congress, but she did get a bit of consolation Wednesday — police arrested a Wine Country transient who allegedly admitted to burglarizing her Napa County vacation home, once on election eve and again on election day.

Sheriff’s deputies caught Kevin Michael Hagan, 21, during another burglary Wednesday outside St. Helena and found a watch they say was stolen from Pelosi’s home on Zinfandel Lane, authorities said.

Hey, you have to break into a house to find out what’s in it.

Sounds to me like this young man was just redistributing wealth from the 1%. What’s the problem? Why is Pelosi so greedy? Why does she get to have so many nice things and he doesn’t? Why do the Haves keep punishing the Have-Nots? Whatever happened to fairness?

Just kidding. This kid should’ve known better. If you want to steal other people’s stuff, first get elected to Congress.

(Hat tip: Taylor Bigler)

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