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TheDC Morning: It’s time for some real news

Will Rahn Senior Editor

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1.) The Taliban has some fun with Gen. Petraeus  — Our enemies overseas seem to be taking comfort in the very public fall of America’s foremost military man. TheDC’s Caroline May reports:

“‘What a bastard! But all Americans are the same, it’s nothing new,’ the Taliban official told Agence France Presse in the interview, which took place in northwest Pakistan. ‘It’s quite normal for Americans and Western people to behave like this — they live in free sex societies where nobody cares about this sort of thing, so what do you expect?’ added the official, who wanted to remain anonymous.

The Taliban official apparently burst out laughing when he was asked the question about Petraeus, although he probably shouldn’t get too cocky. The strategies Petraeus perfected while at Central Command are still on the books, and our massive drone fleet is still in the air.

2.) Mark Steyn mocks the media — The popular conservative commentator with the hard-to-place accent is back to smack the kids around some more. TheDC’s Jeff Poor reports:

“On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on Thursday night, Hewitt asked Steyn whether he thought the ‘Manhattan-beltway media elite’ had improved since the presidential election campaign, now that tensions have escalated between Israel and Hamas. ‘I don’t think they think about that at all,’ Steyn said. ‘You can tell that at that press conference yesterday — the most stupid, ludicrous, embarrassing questions from the court eunuchs. The idiot from The New York Times asking a question on global warming? Some giggly little schoolgirl from Chicago wetting her knickers, saying she’s watched Obama win every time?'”

Yikes. Steyn sounds a bit angrier than usual, and while TheDC morning get his general point, there were at least a few good questions wedged into Obama’s recent press conference. But will the media really take the gloves off in Obama’s second term? Absent some major, easy-to-understand scandal that can be clearly tied back to the Oval Office, the chances remain rather slim.

3.) It’s time for some real news — Was it Paula Broadwell or Jill Kelley who looked better with a philandering general on her arm? TheDC’s Taylor Bigler reports:

We can barely keep track of the cast of characters in this bizarre love-hexagon between former CIA Director David Petraeus, biographer Paula Broadwell, socialite Jill Kelley and all the other extraneous parties that we can’t even remember by name. But the two major female players, Broadwell and Kelley, are each beautiful women in their own right. That doesn’t mean, however, that their styles are free from error.

Taylor Bigler dives deep, get the answers, and ranks the hotties. For America.

4.) If at first you don’t secede — And the deluge of nonsense White House petitions since President Barack Obama’s re-election continues. TheDC’s David Martosko reports:

State-level petitions asking for licenses to secede from the Union had attracted more than 846,000 signatures by Thursday evening. But the real action continues to be found in petitions about punching anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist in the crotch, turning Joe Biden into Guy Fieri’s sidekick on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” and legalizing “crystal weed.

5.) Tweet of Yesterday — wise_kaplan: Newt. The Reboot. June 2013.

6.) Today in North Korean News — BREAKING: “Lao political figure lauds great persons of DPRK”

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