Wandering Eye for the Straight Guy: DC stylist on how to dress your mistress

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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We can barely keep track of the cast of characters in this bizarre love-hexagon between former CIA Director David Petraeus, biographer Paula Broadwell, socialite Jill Kelley and all the other extraneous parties that we can’t even remember by name.

But the two major female players, Broadwell and Kelley, are each beautiful women in their own right. That doesn’t mean, however, that their styles are free from error.

“Broadwell and Kelley have very different styles. Broadwell’s eyebrows are plucked to almost a single straight line, whereas Kelley’s are arched and seductive,” Washington, D.C. stylist Erwin Gomez told The Daily Caller. “Broadwell has an all-American, conservative charm – and straight, unemotional eyebrows fit that persona. Kelley is just sexier.”

Gomez, a hair stylist and makeup artist to the stars, has worked with Jennifer Garner, Eva Longoria and politicos such as the Bush twins. He chatted with TheDC about what style tips he would recommend to each woman involved in this ever-evolving scandal.

Gomez applauded Broadwell’s look during her early 2012 “The Daily Show” appearance, when she wore a feminine, ruffled, deep-purple blouse.

But otherwise, Gomez said that she looks like she’s “been working hard” (a nice way of saying she looks haggard) and overall, recommended a much more feminine approach to her hairstyle and makeup. He would give her “softer bangs, because she has a large forehead” and thicken up her eyebrows. Gomez also said that he would “enhance her eyes” to make her look better.

As for Kelley, Gomez said that the cut of her recent dresses does no favor for her large bust. The necklines of her clothes, he says, “make her breasts look very large,” which “doesn’t complement her.”

Gomez also suggested that Kelley wears far too much eye makeup (we think she looks like one of the “Real Housewives of ____ “) and that she should try a smokier eye. Her makeup “makes her look a little hard — I’d recommend softer lips, more details in the eyebrows.”

All in all, Gomez said that Kelley has more style and that Broadwell is a a little bit “conservative.”

In conclusion: Paula, Jill — go see Erwin. He’ll help you out.

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