Jill Kelley requested $80 million for lobbying gig

Monique Hamm Contributor
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Jill Kelley, the woman whose complaint to the FBI led to the discovery of then-CIA Director David Petreaus’s affair, requested $80 million from an energy company seeking to hire a lobbyist with military connections.

Adam Victor, the president of a New York-based energy company, originally wanted Kelley to lobby the South Korean president for their $4 billion deal due to her connections with Petraeus, the Daily Mail reports.

“The only reason we talked to her was Gen. Petraeus — 1,000 percent,” Victor told the Daily Mail. “The magic name was Petraeus. And it was coming from third parties, as well as from her.”

After requesting the significant sum of money, the negotiations around hiring Kelley fell apart.
“I immediately said, ‘Whoa!’” Victor recalled. “The Goldman Sachs of the world get 1.5 percent. She wanted a counter-offer. We declined, and said do not make any more contacts on our behalf.”

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