OPINION: Shame and censorship at Fordham

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On Thursday afternoon, November 8, 2012, a Facebook event page went live announcing that the Fordham College Republicans were bringing Ann Coulter to speak at the university.

By late the next afternoon the event was canceled, after a wild and threatening liberal reaction which worried both the University and the Fordham Republicans, and led to concerns over security for the event.  I detail below the interactions which led to the cancellation.

The cancellation received national attention in part because the President of the University, Father Joseph M. McShane, weighed in with a public condemnation of the Coulter invitation in a blast e-mail at 2:17 p.m. on November 9 sent to students, faculty, alumni and parents.   While ostensibly declining to cancel the event, Father McShane’s statement lambasted the Fordham Republicans as lacking sound “judgment and maturity” even as the University welcomed Peter Singer, an advocate of infanticide, to campus.

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