Carville: ‘Entitlement cuts’ coming in fiscal cliff deal [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter

On CNN’s “Starting Point” Monday night, CNN contributor James Carville said Democrats will have to concede some significant cuts to Medicare to avert the so-called fiscal cliff.

“They have to negotiate something on Medicare,” Carville said. “There’s no doubt about that. Remember, the person doesn’t get the Medicare payment. The hospital or doctor, the pharmaceutical, whoever it is, gets that. … It’s obvious that there are going to be some kind of entitlement cuts that come out of this.”

Carville also agreed with Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin’s assessment that Social Security isn’t a major factor driving the national debt.

“I want to go back to Sen. Durbin’s point,” Carville said. “If you want to do something Social Security, do something about Social Security. But leave Social Security in the debt aside for the moment, because it doesn’t drive debt. I think Sen. Durbin is right on that.”

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