New Zealand shelter taught dogs to drive cars [VIDEO]

Laura Byrne Contributor
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An animal shelter in New Zealand isn’t teaching rescue dogs any old bag of tricks, according to the New Zealand TV program Campbell Live.

Staff at the shelter started teaching three rescue dogs how to drive a car to show off the dogs’ intelligence to potential new owners.

Thanks to weeks of doggie driving school, these three abandoned pets can now operate a vehicle. Meet Monty the 18-month-old schanuzer, Ginny the one-year-old whippet cross, and Porter, a 10-month old mixed breed.

Warning: these canines have not passed their driver’s license tests just yet.

Like anyone learning how to drive a car, the dogs started with the fundamentals — practicing using a gear stick and moving the steering wheel. The also learned how to sit … in the driving position.

Remember, this is not your average obedience school.

After five weeks of training, the trainers started the pups out on doggie go-carts and once they mastered that, it was time to get behind the wheel.

But there have been a few mishaps along the way. One pup was caught speeding and the trainer had to quickly hit the breaks to avoid an accident.

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Laura Byrne