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Armageddon Arsenals Will Premier on December 13th – watch preview now.

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Denver, Colorado–Officials from Orion Entertainment have announced that ‘Armageddon Arsenals’ will debut December13 at 10pm Eastern on Discovery’s Destination America network. The series explores the weapons and security aspects of the massive new prepping movement, focusing on individuals and families across the country who are preparing for a variety of worst case scenarios–many of them more plausible now than ever.

“Once thought of as a fringe movement,” says Orion Entertainment President Chris Dorsey, “millions of Americans now call themselves doomsday preppers and are taking extraordinary measures to plan and prepare for catastrophic events. While some viewers might find weapons caching extreme, by the end of the episode many will be asking what they should be doing to prepare. There is a lot of uncertainty and fear in the country and preppers are a manifestation of the larger national movement toward self-reliance.”

The one-hour pilot features weapons preppers in Texas, Utah, and Colorado who have amassed significant arsenals but who have also created elaborate security strategies to stay safe should the unthinkable happen. As one of the featured preppers warns, “If things get really bad it won’t matter how much food and water you have stored if you can’t protect it.”

“Armageddon Arsenals” Trailers – click to watch.


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