Chris Brown and Rihanna are totally going steady again [PHOTOS]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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So, either Chris Brown and Rihanna are completely messing with us, or they are totally going steady again.

After a not-so-subtle Instagram photo indicated that the two pop stars are back together three years after one beat the crap out of the other, new photos of Brown and Rihanna courtside at an NBA game make it clear that he has officially given her his pin (and probably much more.)

The pair certainly put on a PDA display at the Los Angeles Lakers game Tuesday night, interlocking arms and laughing as if Brown never sent Rihanna to the hospital in 2009 after punching her in the ribs and bashing her head against a car door so hard she had two black eyes and lacerations on her face.

But enough about that! Why let a little something like a history of violence and aggressive behavior stop you from getting back with your ex? You crazy kids have fun!

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