‘Fat ass’ Michael Savage reignites feud with ‘hysteric’ Mark Levin [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Conservative talkers Mark “the Hysteric” Levin and “fat ass” Michael Savage reignited their longtime feud this week, even though the two share distributors and no longer air during the same time slot.

On Monday, Levin made an appearance on the Fox News Channel and called President Barack Obama “the imperial president,” leading Savage to label Levin “the Hysteric” on his show later that evening.

Savage said Levin lazily and uncritically stole the phrase “imperial president” from liberals of the 1970s.

“The ‘imperial presidency’ was a line used by liberals to describe Nixon,” Savage bellowed. “And yet, the ‘Hysteric’ applies it to Obama, as though he invented it. The correct phrase, ladies and gentlemen of the Savage Nation, to describe Obama is ‘government anarchy.'”

Early in his Tuesday show, Levin responded by alleging Savage possesses a”fat ass” and threatening to devote an hour of his show to railing on the “moron,” whose real name is Michael Weiner.

“You nitwit,” Levin said. “[‘The Imperial Presidency’ is] a book by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., which many of us read while you were running around with Allen Ginsberg in Fiji and skinny-dipping, or whatever the hell you used to do. Some of us normal people, you know, were reading and writing and doing arithmetic and behaving ourselves. Maybe I’ll do a whole hour on that, moron. Maybe I’ll do a special — a documentary. What do you think of that, Mr. Producer? Little ‘Weiner Nation’: The Manchurian Conservative.”

“It’ll be monotonous,” Levin continued. “The ratings will plummet. But we can do it for an hour. There’s a reason why he follows my show — because I kicked his ass all over the country. Oh, he’ll lie and pretend he didn’t, but I kicked his ass all over the country — and that’s one big fat ass, by the way. Got that, Weiner? I’d love to meet this guy one day just to say hello, all 5 feet 2 inches of him, with that snaggle-tooth — little ‘Weiner Nation.’  But with that I digress, and I mean I really digress.”

In 2011, the rivalry between the two radio hosts took one of its uglier turns, when Savage offered former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich $1 million to resign from the 2012 presidential race, and Levin countered by offering Savage $100,000 to drop his radio show.

After a brief hiatus from the airwaves last fall, Savage left Talk Radio Network and was picked up by Cumulus, the same company that distributes Levin’s show, and took on the time slot following Levin’s, from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. EST.


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