Rubio Dissembles on Amnesty

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Poor man had no choice: Sen. Marco Rubio had to be deceptive when describing his immigration plans last night–otherwise he’d have little chance of making the sale. Here’s what Rubio said:

We need a responsible, permanent solution to the problem of those who are here illegally. But first, we must follow through on the broken promises of the past to secure our borders and enforce our laws.

This makes it sound as if Rubio would take action to “secure our borders and enforce our laws” before offering to legalize “those who are here illegally.” Unfortunately, that is not the case. The “Gang of 8” proposal he’s signed on to would immediately legalize those here illegally–giving them “probationary legal status.”  Only their subsequent ability to step up to full citizenship would hinge on enforcement and border security.

“Probationary legal status” is presumably not a “permanent” solution ** in Rubio’s eyes –that’s what makes his description merely a highly deceptive con and not an outright lie. If you listen to the Ricochet immigration debate you know that among those fooled by this Rubio con in the past few weeks, apparently, was Texas conservative pundit Joshua Trevino. [See podcast around 30:00 minutes in.] What chance do ordinary voters have?

P.S.: Don’t look for mainstream reporters to point out Rubio’s deception. They’re rooting for amnesty and think Rubio’s going to get it for them. Don’t expect FOX News to point it out either–they’ve more or less gone over to the amnesty side.


**–Although there is effectively zero chance that the program of “probationary legal status” would be ended and the formerly illegal immigrants made illegal again.

Mickey Kaus