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Alec Baldwin gets back to campaigning for mayor of New York

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Now that 30 Rock is over, Alec Baldwin is trying to get America to pay attention to him again.

Taylor Bigler reports:

Actor Alec Baldwin is still a jerk and might be a racist, according to a New York Post report.

Baldwin was walking his dogs in New York City Sunday when Post reporter Tara Palmeri went up to him and asked him about a lawsuit involving his wife, Hilaria Thomas, and her yoga studio.

Baldwin was reportedly furious about the question and “grabbed the reporter by the arm,” and said, “I want to choke you to death,” according to the Post story.

According to the story, Baldwin then referred to the Post photographer G.N. Miller – who happens to be a retired NYPD detective — a “coon and a drug dealer.”

Baldwin is denying the accusation:

Yeah, Alec, you just never know what kind of crazy stuff they’ll say. Next they’ll claim you have problems controlling your temper.

Incidentally, @ABFalecbaldwin replaces his previous Twitter account, which he’s cancelled several times after his previous blowups. He leaves in a huff and says goodbye forever, but fortunately for all of us, he never really means it.

As for the racism charge, he explains how silly that is:

Don’t get him wrong, some of his best charities are black! Alec Baldwin is just Archie Bunker with a Bentley.

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