Rihanna injured, Chris Brown not to blame

Betsi Fores The Daily Caller News Foundation
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In a weird twist of irony, America’s favorite pop star Rihanna was allegedly assaulted outside a club over the weekend in London. But your immediate suspicion that Chris Brown is to blame is in fact false.

The disgruntled fan who targeted RiRi was upset over the alleged rekindled romance with former abusive beau Chris Brown. While exiting the club Saturday night, the outraged male fan launched a British energy drink at her, New York Daily News reported.

Though the bottle made no contact with her, RiRi fell against the gate and scraped her knee in the chaos. Her bodyguard was taken to the ER.

But the question remains: are Rihanna and Chris Brown indeed back together?

After nuzzling up to each other at the Grammys, the two reportedly celebrated the death of St. Valentine apart. Rihanna did however show up to London in the same leather jacket Brown was wearing the night before, an obvious indication they are still doing it.

Meanwhile, some London newspaper is suggesting Rihanna is the next Princess Diana. Nope, we don’t really get it either.

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