Dennis Prager calls for a ‘Gracias, America Day’ for first-generation Latin American immigrants [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Tuesday radio show, conservative talker Dennis Prager suggested that immigrants from Latin America to the United States are ungrateful, and called for a “Gracias, America Day” to emphasize all that the U.S. does for the world.

“I have to say — I feel this all the time,” Prager said. “Remember I said this about those South Korean university kids who used to have their annual demonstrations about America? Remember, I’ve always said — I always do say the rarest positive trait is courage. The ugliest bad trait is ingratitude. That’s the other end of the spectrum. I can’t think of an uglier attitude in the micro or the macro than ingratitude. For a South Korean not to be aware, and many are — I’m not saying all, but many are not of what America suffered, 37,000 of us died in order to keep South Korea from becoming the concentration camp that North Korea is.”

“What Americans have done for all of the people who have come here from places like Latin America,” he continued. “Remember I said, there are to be a day, where in first-generation immigrants from Latin America just have a ‘Gracias, America Day?’ Wouldn’t that be very moving? Why doesn’t Univision organize such a demonstration, ‘Thank You, America?’ Yeah, well I know — Univision is on the left, so gratitude to America is not a distinguishing left-wing trait, whether in Spanish or in English. It’s is a distinguishing trait on the other side, however.”

As far as what causes that lack of gratitude, Prager referred to a 2006 interview he had with author Howard Zinn, who could not say one way or another if the existence of the U.S. made the world a better place.

“Look, I interviewed the man who wrote the most widely used history book for high schools and colleges — what is it, ‘A Popular History of the United States?’” Prager said. “Howard Zinn, before he died, he was on this show and I asked him, would the world be better if there were no United States, if we had never become a nation. Did he say he was agnostic on that? Yeah, couldn’t give an answer. Said the world might have been better if America had never been formed. Yes, that’s right, might have been and that’s what’s read today. The saturation of our lives with these ideas is very tough to battle. That’s one of the things we try here.”

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