At White House, Boehner tells Obama to ‘focus’ on cutting spending, not raising taxes

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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In a meeting at the White House on Friday, House Speaker John Boehner told President Barack Obama and Democratic congressional leaders that it is time for Congress to focus on spending cuts instead of tax increases, according to Boehner’s office.

“At the White House this morning, Speaker Boehner continued to press the president and Leader Reid to produce a plan to replace the sequester that can actually pass the Democratic-controlled Senate. He suggested the most productive way to resolve the sequester issue will be through regular order,” said Boehner’s office in a statement following the meeting. (RELATED: Boehner on budgets)

“The speaker reminded the president that Congress just last month provided him the tax hike he was seeking without any spending cuts. It’s time to focus on spending, the speaker told the group.”

The Republican leaders at the meeting said they are willing to “close tax loopholes” to raise revenue for “lower tax rates” instead of using it to replace the sequester’s automatic budget cuts.

“The speaker reaffirmed his intention to move legislation through the House next week to fund and keep the government running regardless of how and when the sequester is resolved,” said Boehner’s office.

“The president and leaders agreed legislation should be enacted this month to prevent a government shutdown while we continue to work on a solution to replace the president’s sequester.”

The Democratic-controlled Senate has not passed a formal budget in over three-and-a-half years.

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