ESPN airs ‘Kid President Bracket’ in addition to Barack-etology [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Hours after airing President Barack Obama’s NCAA Tournament picks, ESPN has come out with another “President Bracket” — this time with a little kid calling the shots.

In the “Kid Presidential Bracket,” a self-proclaimed 61-pound kid predicts the field of 68, ending in “Gonzago” triumphing over Michigan (picked because he liked the X-Men movies).

Other gems in the video include the absurdly charismatic youngster picking Wisconsin to advance (because he loves cheese), picking Duke (because his “bro” told him they were the “bad guys”) and valiantly attempting to pronounce Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski’s name.

The kid, Robbie Novak, has become somewhat of an Internet sensation on YouTube, offering motivational speeches and interviewing several celebrities.


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