Lil Wayne: ‘Kiss my fist, I’m more than good’ [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Rapper Lil Wayne wants everyone to know that he is “more than good” and to please “kiss his fist.”

In a YouTube video posted on TMZ Friday, Weezy addressed rumors that he was near death last week after he was reportedly in the intensive care unit after a series of seizures.

TMZ falsely reported that Wayne was near death and that he was being given his last rites in his hospital bed.

His camp says that the seizures were caused by stress, but others say it was due to an overdose on “sizzurp” (a beverage favored among rappers made of liquid codeine mixed with Sprite).

Wayne told his fans that his album, “I Am Not a Human Being II” will still be released on March 26 and that he will go on tour with rapper T.I. starting July 5.

In order to completely drive home the fact that he is fine, Wayne also released his music video collaboration with 2 Chainz, “Rich as Fuck,” in case you were wondering exactly how wealthy he is (“as fuck” roughly translates to “extremely). See, money makes everything better, even codeine-induced seizures.


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