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“The Company You Keep” sure looks lonely

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This movie has it all: Shia LaBeouf without any giant clanging robots to distract you from the Shianess of his LaBeoufitude! Robert Redford at his leatheriest yet! A story ripped from the headlines of 30-40 years ago! This flick is gonna make a ton of money.

What’s that you say, Box Office Mojo?


Ouch. Well, that was awfully bad luck, premiering a movie about a “well-intentioned” terrorist right after the Boston Marathon bombing. Suddenly, all the romance and glamour went right out of blowing people to bits.

Sorry, Bob. But hey, at least you don’t have Jason Mattera bugging you about it, right?


You keep runnin’, Sundance. That’s what you’re good at.

If Hollywood only cared about making money, they’d stop cranking out these stupid leftist fantasies that bomb at the box office. But they’re not making these movies for us. They’re making them for themselves. We’re just not intelligent and sophisticated enough to appreciate the pearls cast before us.

Their egos are satisfied, and my money stays in my pocket. Works for me.

I’ll let Anthony Bialy have the last word:

(Hat tip: Ace)