Nike is severing affiliation to Livestrong

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Nike announced Tuesday that they will cease production of Livestrong clothing after the end of 2013. The brand joined the charity with now disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2004, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Livestrong, with Nike’s help, has raised over $100 million in the past decade to battle cancer. The clothing line cut personal ties with Armstrong this past October when a U.S. sporting agency substantiated claims that he used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France.

The foundation issued a statement to stymie any concerns about Nike withdrawing from the partnership.

“This news will prompt some to jump to negative conclusions about the foundation’s future,” Livestrong wrote. “We see things quite differently. We expected and planned for changes like this and are therefore in a good position to adjust swiftly and move forward with our patient-focused work.”

Livestrong says it reduced it budget for 2013 by $38.4 million already, and revenue is 2.5 percent ahead of projections. Nike has yet to comment about severing the relationship.

Armstrong originally began the charity in 1997 after battling testicular cancer. The Anti-Doping Agency issued a report this past fall detailing the US cycling team’s doping, leading Armstrong to forfeit his seven wins.

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