Carolla rants on personal responsibility being labeled as ‘right-wing’ [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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During his Tuesday podcast, comedian Adam Carolla hit back at a Styleblazer.com “Top 10” list that ranked him No. 2 among “15 celebrities whose politics have made them unpopular,” saying that personal responsibility is now labeled “right wing.”

The list, which was published in March, criticized Carolla for “making sweeping generalizations of a comedic sort, particularly in regards to racial, sexual and gender groups.” But at No. 1 on the list is comedian Dennis Miller, who based on his success doesn’t quite fit the billing of “unpopular,” Carolla pointed out.

“It’s weird because Dennis Miller has a syndicated radio show that’s pretty successful (that he does from his house, by the way, in Santa Barbara) and then he travels around the country and sells out pretty big venues,” Carolla said.

Carolla noted that he and Miller had sold out a venue doing a show together, which also isn’t a trait of unpopularity. But Carolla explained why he thought the “right-wing” label was unfair, and that his views aren’t ideological — they’re traditional.

“I’m not right-wing,” Carolla said. “I just am into people doing homework and working hard and all the things that used to just be. First off, it’s like, I’m not for the Ten Commandments — I don’t need the ten commandments: Don’t kill your neighbor, covet his oxen, or whatever it is. I don’t need commandments — that’s no duh. Work hard, keep the family together, study, get ahead, don’t tell your boss to fuck off, don’t rely on the government for handouts, feed your own kids. These are not wild right-wing platforms. It used to be just called America. It turned into something at a certain point. I don’t know when those views became right-wing. Feed your kid breakfast — would that have been ‘right-wing’ in the ’50s? No. Well it is now.”

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