Japanese school kids licking each other’s eyeballs is a thing now

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A rash of pink eye cases has popped up in Japanese schools due to the new sexual trend of licking eyeballs. Almost one third of 6th grade students had tried eyeball licking, according to a teacher’s anecdote on Shanghaiist.

The teacher said, “when I looked inside, a male pupil and a female pupil had their faces close together and were kind of fumbling around. Could it be bullying? I wondered, but when I had a good look, the boy was licking the girl’s eye!”

Apparently eyeball licking is considered to be the new “second base,” a sexual step after french kissing for Japanese kids. Teachers first started noticing a strange uptick in the number of students wearing eye patches and chalked it up to a weird fashion trend.

It wasn’t fashion, though. Conjunctivitis — more commonly known as pink eye — was the reason for the eye patches. The human mouth is filled with bacteria and when kids go around licking other kids’ eyeballs, it’s going to happen.

The non-technical term for this fetish is, “Oculolinctus,” also known as “worming.” The Daily Caller does not condone eye licking.

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