First Video is In!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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First reader video is in, from “Ex Machina.” Mainly an anti-Rubio hit. Well done–Ann Coulter in particular will approve the mocking of Edward Kennedy’s 1965 promises. The final prescription maybe a tad too harsh for me, but I am a known wuss on the deportation issue. (I’m willing to have a legalization/amnesty if effective border enforcement really comes first, which it doesn’t in either the Schumer-Rubio bill or the imminent Corker-Hoeven fig leaf amendment.)

More videos needed!  Especially videos that are purpose-built campaign attack ads, not issue ads. (Do I look like a 501 (c) (3)?) DUI-themed videos and “star performer” videos and ‘back taxes” videos–whatever works. If I were good at that sort of thing I would be making them myself. …

Mickey Kaus