Michael Moore on dealing with critics: ‘I go to my two lovers, Ben and Jerry’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore described Thursday how he deals with his critics, who have often threatened violence against him, especially after his 2004 film, “Fahrenheit 911.”

On Current TV’s “Viewpoint” with John Fugelsang on Thursday night, Moore joked about using ice cream to cope with the criticism.

FUGELSANG: On a personal level, how do you handle the meanness?
MOORE: Well, I go to my two lovers, Ben and Jerry.

Moore explained more about the physical threats and attempts to bomb his home.

“To be honest, of course we’re on TV, so that’s usually not a good idea,” Moore said. “But it hasn’t been easy. I’ve often thought — especially after ‘Fahrenheit [911]’ and especially after I was booed off the stage at the Oscars … but the death threats started, and one thing I’ve learned about death threats is that they’re great, actually. You should actually be grateful for death threats, because those who are taking the time to threaten you that way are getting it out of their system. That’s really what they want to do. They want to yell at you, and they want to threaten you.”

“The people you need to be afraid of are the real ones who are not issuing the threat and in my case I, after ‘Fahrenheit 911’ came out, was assaulted on the street and twice on the stage of an auditorium half a dozen times and then the police caught the man who was making a fertilizer bomb to blow up my house, and I, to be honest, I have to say that after that, I thought if I had this to do over again, would I really — would I make this film?”

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