Majority of Americans feel blacks are more racist than whites and Hispanics

Maggie Lit Contributor
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A newly released Rasmussen Report indicates that on average Americans consider black Americans to be more racist than whites and Hispanics.

Ideology seemingly plays a large role in public on this issue. Among conservatives, 49 percent consider blacks to be more racist compared to 27 percent of liberals. Twelve percent of conservatives and 27 percent of liberals say whites are more racist.

The partisan perspective shows a similar trend with 49 percent of Republicans and only 29 percent of Democrats saying blacks are more racist. Thirty-six percent of unaffiliated adults feel this way as well.

Interestingly, the race of the respondent seems to be less important than politics.

Among black poll respondents, 31 percent said blacks are more racist, while 24 percent think whites are more racist and 15 percent say Hispanic Americans show greater racist tendencies. Ten percent of white Americans say whites are more racist, 38 say blacks are and 17 percent say Hispanics.

Overall, 37 percent of Americans feel that black Americans are the most racist among the three ethnic groups, 15 percent feel that whites are and 18 percent think Hispanics are.

These figures are reflective of the current overall attitude of race relations, in which 30 percent of Americans feel that racial rapport is good or excellent rapport, 14 percent think current relations are poor, 29 percent think the current trends indicate improvement and 35 percent see neither progress nor regression. Blacks are more optimistic about the current state of affairs than whites and Hispanics, as are liberals versus conservatives.

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