Kenyan children all smiles while wearing donated Romney/Ryan t-shirts [PHOTOS]

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President Obama might have ancestral roots in Kenya, but at least one school in Kenya is all about former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

The Knox County Romney Campaign of Tennessee has outfitted some 200 children at the Orbit Village Project in Nairobi, Kenya with leftover Romney campaign t-shirts from the 2012 election cycle.

Romney Kenya 28

Alexander Waters, the campaign director for the Knox County Romney Campaign, explained to The Daily Caller that his group decided to send the shirts to the school and refuge as Waters’ aunt, Cyndy Waters, runs the project and its American base is in Sevierville, Tenn.

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“I mentioned to her that we had a lot of shirts and that we were wondering if they had a need for them and she said, ‘Yes, that would be great.’ So instead of putting them into a storage unit or something we were like, ‘We can generate some good out of these shirts,’” Waters said.

“I’ve been over there and a shirt can go a long way,” he added.

Romney Kenya 2

The children received the donated shirts on the Fourth of July.

In pictures Waters provided to TheDC, the children wear blue and white Romney/Ryan t-shirts and huge smiles.

Romney shirts

According to the Orbit Village Project website the project is a 501(c)(3), supported by donations and has no paid staff other than the Kenyan workers who participate.

Currently there are nearly 500 students enrolled at the school. The project also features a medical clinic, orphanage, and Baptist Church.

“We were thinking, ‘What’s the best use for these shirts?’ And it was very organic in how it came together,” Waters said. (RELATED: We rarely met a Romney activist who received the t-shirt they were promised)

He added that the Orbit volunteers will likely be distributing more of the Romney shirts to some of the more rural areas of Kenya over the coming days.

“We’re glad we could help,” Waters said.

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