White House affirms full involvement in immigration reform push [VIDEO]

Caitlin McClure Contributor
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The White House affirmed its full involvement in the push for immigration reform legislation in defense of criticisms of a “stalled” process during a press conference Tuesday.

“We have approached this strategically with an eye of getting it done, and getting it done in a way that meets the standards of the president,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said.

“The idea that we’re staying out of it is a fallacy and has been forever.”

Carney emphasized the president’s long established and continually vital role in the process.

“It’s an active approach in all cases and that includes speeches and weekly addresses and interviews, phone calls and meetings with lawmakers and stakeholders,” he said.

In an effort to flood Hispanic media with pro-reform messaging, according to advisers, the president gave interviews Spanish-language television anchors from Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles and New York at the White House.

The White House believes the current bill has all four principles Obama demanded two years ago, including border security, an earned path to citizenship, making sure everyone plays by the same set of rules when it comes to holding our businesses accountable and improving and streamlining our legal immigration system.

“The president is confident that the American people and all the stakeholders who want to see this move forward will prevail on lawmakers to do the right thing,” Carney said.

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