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Leaders With Ginni Thomas: Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly

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At 88, legendary conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly is still fighting hard for conservative causes.

An original “Rosie the Riveter,” Schlafly worked as a ballistics gunner and technician at the largest ammunition plant during World War II. She later became a lawyer, authored 21 books and emerged as one of the most successful conservative activists in America, leading the charge to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment. In the 1970s, she founded the Eagle Forum, a national grassroots organization of volunteers fighting for conservative values. She has attended every Republican National Convention since 1952 and recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Missouri Republican Party.

Schlafly has fought the radical left, as well as her own Republican Party at times. Despite having been castigated and dismissed by the media elite, she remains a powerful conservative voice on social, economic, legal and national security issues. You can even find her on Twitter. Eagle Forum has sponsored two Twitter campaigns in the past six months — one against the Violence Against Women Act and the other against the Senate “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

From fighting the immigration bill to exposing the dangers of Common Core to seeking accountability for the Benghazi terror attack and more, Schlafly sees the Obama administration as a grave danger, which, according to Schlafly, “governs by executive order.”

In this interview with The Daily Caller, Schlafly says her biggest contribution that is relevant to today’s conservative movement is that she “showed that the grassroots can rise up and win against the establishment.”

For those discouraged by those currently in control of our government, Schlafly says stop complaining and get involved.

“The Lord gave us this wonderful country of self government, and we’re supposed to use it,” she said. “Deal with the government and the politics the way it is, but go in and accept the challenge of battle. And that means going into party politics. It means if you’re not happy with whoever’s on the ballot, that’s because you didn’t go into the primary and get somebody good on the ballot.”

She is also concerned for the future of our country.

“We are in danger of losing [our country]. Our whole concept of limited government and government staying out of our lives is at risk today because of the tremendous decline in marriage,” Schlafly said.

“We used to have a country where married couples were pretty much economically independent. They didn’t need the government to run their lives or give them handouts. Now we have nearly half the American people surviving on cash, or other kinds of benefits from the government, and it is building a different kind of cultural society.”

In a previous segment of the interview, Schlafly expressed concern over the ability of Republican leaders in the House and Senate.

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