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Gilberton, PA Police Chief Mark Kessler: Complete lunatic or American hero?

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My friends, I’ll answer that question with another question: Are the two things mutually exclusive?

I had not heard of Kessler, or Gilberton, before today. But apparently he has his own YouTube channel, where he posts videos on firearms tactics and whatnot. And the following video, which Kessler posted last week in response to complaints about a previous video in which he used profanity, has caused a bit of a fuss among some of our friends in the liberal blogosphere.

If they’re all disgusted and outraged, it must be pretty good. Let’s take a look!


Well, what Chief Kessler lacks in witty wordplay and sophisticated nuance, he more than makes up for with his self-evidently heartfelt belief in both the First and Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

As a suitably disgusted Eric W. Dolan at Raw Story notes:

The mayor of Gilberton, Pennsylvania is standing by her city’s police chief despite a series of profanity-laced and threatening videos.

In a video that has received wide attention, police chief Mark Kessler repeatedly tells those upset by his use of profanity to “go f*ck yourself” as he fires various automatic weapons.

Mayor Mary Lou Hannon told The Morning Call that Kessler had the right to express himself. The city would “not take action to quash free speech, whether or not each member of council or any member of council agrees with it.”

Kessler has uploaded several profanity-laced videos to YouTube. In one video, Kessler berates “libtards” and warns of an armed rebellion against the government.

“F*ck all you libtards out there, as a matter of fact, read my shirt,” he says, turning around to show a message on his back which read, “Liberals take it in the a**.”

My goodness. Well, that’s not polite at all. I’m definitely not moving to Gilberton!