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Criticize the Obama administration, pay a terrible price

Wayne LaPierre Executive Vice President, NRA
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President Barack Obama’s condescending commencement address urging Ohio University graduates to reject voices warning Americans of “tyranny” is an Obama-in-your-face reference to NRA and a host of groups his bureaucrats are trying to crush with their abuse of executive power.

Specifically, Obama signaled what he sees as dangerous political speech in his May, 2013 address:

“Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate sinister entity that’s at the root of our problems. Some of these voices also do their best to gum up the works. They warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.”

As members of the oldest civil rights organization in the nation, NRA members know tyranny when we see it. Five million strong, we proudly “gum up the works” when those “works” are designed to destroy American liberty, be it attacks on rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment or the First Amendment.

“Tyranny.” That’s Obama’s word. The president is right about one thing: Many people are, indeed, warning about tyranny “lurking just around the corner.”

But the warnings are ripped from today’s front pages. The White House is using the power of the Executive to attempt to disarm citizens on multiple fronts—a step at a time—not only of their firearms, but of their free speech.

Obama cannot erase the Second Amendment without crippling or controlling exercise of the First Amendment. And that’s exactly what is at the heart of the ongoing scandals involving the vindictive assault on conservative Americans by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

To reject voices of dissent, the IRS is doing everything in its power to silence those voices.

At the same time Obama is doing all he can to empower his radical axis so that they are the dominant or perhaps, ultimately, the only voice in politics.

The IRS has singled out scores of conservative applicants seeking tax-exempt, “non-profit” status—the same status required under federal tax law for the NRA. Using searches for words like “tea party” and “patriot”, the IRS specifically targeted these groups for endless delay and denial. Some have been waiting since 2009 for a decision on their tax exempt status. Some simply gave up, ground down by the power of Obama’s bureaucrats.

Imagine—under penalty of criminal prosecution for perjury—the IRS thought-police demanding answers to endless, invasive, illegal questions—questions never asked of any other applicants. What books do you read?  What do you pray for?  Who are your donors?  Who are your volunteers? This IRS inquisition may well constitute violation of criminal law.

One thing is for certain, virtually all of the targeted groups and individuals are supporters of the Second Amendment.

Further, congressional investigators have found that IRS leaked confidential information on conservative individuals and groups to their political enemies in clear violation of law.

At the same time, those closest to the president personally were rewarded by the IRS—fast-tracked into the status denied to conservatives.

Take the Obama presidential campaign, which IRS minions seamlessly transformed from an electoral attack machine into a tax-exempt “social welfare non-profit” in record time.

It took a mere 73 days for the Obama election apparatus to be transformed by IRS. And nobody was asking what books they read or who were their donors.

The Huffington Post on January 18 celebrated: “In an unprecedented step for a campaign of a sitting president, Obama for America is relaunching itself ahead of the president’s second inaugural as a social welfare nonprofit group called Organizing for Action [OFA].”

With that, Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, became the chair for OFA, which the Huffington Post said “will be able to raise unlimited sums of money from any type of donor.”

A couple of headlines tell the story.

From the May 4, 2013, Los Angeles Times:  “A network of wealthy political donors is steering funds to Organizing for Action.  …”

Try globalist gun-banner, George Soros.

What is OFA’s primary purpose? This April 22, 2013, headline from Politico tells the story:  “Obama political arm strikes fear. …”  Got that?  Obama political arm.

Or this from the April 18, 2013, edition of the Los Angeles Times:  “The non-profit advocacy group backing President Obama’s second term agenda plans to mobilize constituents against U.S. senators who Wednesday helped defeat a measure to expand background checks—including four members of the president’s own party.”

In fact, since Obama began to “rule” in his second term, his step-at-a-time march to “transform” our liberty has been the major thrust of this huge Astro Turf machine. And his main weapon has been the 15-million-name database mined by the political campaign, now the property of his personal “political arm.” OFA has spawned millions of emails urging Obama voters to press for gun control.

OFA, Obama’s “political arm,” is a creation of what has become the president’s thug arm, the Internal Revenue Service.

There is only one way to change all of this—at the polls in the coming off-year 2014 congressional elections. As voters, we must demand accountability and we must elect men and women to both houses of the national legislature who will not shirk from the task at hand—to root out and prosecute what has morphed from the corruption of the “Chicago way,” into the much more sinister Obama way. With the help of our families, friends, and co-workers we can stop Obama’s “transformation” of our nation and our culture.