Issa responds to Mark Levin’s criticisms of House GOP Obama scandal investigations

Jeff Poor Media Reporter

On Wednesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa reacted to criticisms from conservative talk show host Mark Levin had made on the same program just 24 hours earlier.

In that appearance, Levin suggested the House Republican leadership wasn’t doing its due diligence in investigating the scandals involving the Obama administration, including the Benghazi terrorist attacks and the targeted audits of the Internal Revenue Service.

Issa explained to Cavuto that his investigators and his committee were doing its best to connect all the dots, but have been thwarted along the way by the White House and its various cabinet departments.

“Well, I guess he hasn’t been in the meetings in which the speaker has said, ‘Darrell, use all the resources you need, get it done.’ More importantly he hasn’t lived through over 43 hours worth of depositions of people directly related to Benghazi. We now have about five times as much time per witness as the [Accountability Review Board], as the State Department had in their investigation. We’re taking real time. These people are under oath. I’ll put my investigators who do this day in and day out, year in and year out against anybody. We make sure the lie about Benghazi got turned into the truth that there never was some sort of a video.”

“We’re the ones that proved it wasn’t Cincinnati,” he continued. “It went to Washington and not just to Washington but to the office of the general counsel. We’re the ones that continue to do that. Yes we’re being blocked at every step of the way. Yes, we get black-taped pieces of paper. Yes, we have less than 0.2 percent of one of the documents identified in the IRS. But we’re serving subpoenas. We’re interviewing people under oath and subpoenaing them as necessary. And I’ll tell you, my committee is very busy. Maybe he misses the fact that good investigations take time. We’re doing that. We’re going to bring Lois Lerner back. But before we bring her back, we’re interviewing everybody that shows just exactly what a hub she was to doing all that.”

Issa also affirmed that he had the full support of House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, despite suggestions otherwise.

“I’ve got complete support of the leader and the speaker,” he added. “They have helped me all along the way.”

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