Pre-schooler wins second term as Minnesota mayor

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After weeks of campaigning, the world’s youngest and most adorable mayor has won a second term in office.

Bobby Tufts claimed re-election as mayor of the small town of Dorset, Minnesota this past weekend — and he hasn’t even started pre-school yet. The ballots did not derive from votes, but rather from a raffle, with each ballot costing $1.

Although he admits that he rigged that ballot box and begged for votes, the residents of the Northern Minnesotan town have no qualms about their young mayor.  Most town residents shelled out the money to put a ballot in Bobby’s name.

The town has a population of about 22-28 people (depending if the minister and his family are in town), and has no formal government. The “mayor” is more of a ceremonial position than anything.

Tufts spent weeks campaigning around town, passing out buttons, flyers and chatting with residents. He won last years’ raffle at the annual Taste of Dorset festival when he was just three years old. After a successful year serving as mayor, Tufts committed himself to reclaiming his coveted seat.

At the start of the summer, Tufts hit the campaign trial along with his “girlfriend” Sophie. Tufts is known or his signature fishing vest, cane and black fedora.

When asked how he felt during a phone interview, Bobby said that he was dog-tired and just wanted to go home and “be with the boys.”

Tufts’ name was drawn from the ballot box by a random town person at an annual festival on Sunday.

As for his plans for his second term in office, Tufts plans to donate money to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Red River Valley in Fargo, N.D, get a new welcome sign for the town of Dorset and plan a town-wide snowshoe scavenger hunt over the winter holidays.

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