#1letterwrongmovie Twitter trend invents ‘Rove Actually,’ ‘Star Trek Into Dorkness’

Charles Rollet Contributor
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One of Twitter’s hottest hashtags right now is #1letterwrongmovie, which is all about replacing one letter from a movie title for humorous effect. See below for The Daily Caller’s selection of the best ones out there.

This tweet very accurately describes Star Trek’s fanbase:

This tweet capitalizes on Johnny Depp’s famous flexibility:

This just might be the best (or worst) name for a DC-based political rom-com ever:

Maybe this is Matthew Perry’s last chance for a Hollywood comeback:

It took about 10 minutes for The Daily Caller to confirm that there are indeed 28 people in this photo:

And finally, this movie beats all the rest for sounding like the perfect JK Rowling/ Samuel L. Jackson collaboration:


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