Mark Levin slams former McCain aide Nicolle Wallace, says Obama should be impeached [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Wednesday’s broadcast of his radio, conservative talker Mark Levin went on the offensive against former McCain presidential campaign aide Nicolle Wallace for her criticisms of Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” earlier in the day.

But first Levin took a shot at the “Morning Joe” program for being a platform for “the destruction of conservatism.”

“Of course [Wallace] shows up on the ‘Morning Joe,’” Levin said. “This is a program that has as its mission the destruction of conservatism as specific individuals as such as Ted Cruz. The fact is, it doesn’t have an audience, so it’s mission won’t be accomplished. But it sheds some light on how these entrenched Republicans — how they think and why the country simply won’t survive unless we bypass them and defeat them.”

In her “Morning Joe” appearance, Wallace accused Cruz of being intellectually dishonest when he explained how to defund Obamacare with the threat of a government shutdown, and said he was lying to voters when he said President Barack Obama could not be impeached because there were not the votes to do so.

Levin, author of “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic,”  went on to rebut Wallace’s claim that Cruz was lying and said that Obama should be removed from office.

“Really, Nicolle Wallace? Do you understand past impeachment efforts and the effort to impeach Nixon?” he said. “Do you know what high crimes and misdemeanors means? Even George Will, unwittingly of course, laid out the case when a president conducts himself, as Will and Krauthammer and others have said although they would distance themselves from the ‘i’ word, when a president has conducted himself in ways that usurp federal law, usurp the Constitution, suspend federal statutes, violate the Constitution — that’s precisely what the impeachment clause is all about, Nicolle Wallace. And [Ted Cruz’s] answer is correct,” he continued. “We don’t have the votes. Otherwise, he should be removed. But he won’t be removed and so the will suffer. His lawlessness becomes institutionalized.”



Levin said Wallace was part of the Republican Party that was leading the country astray and would continue to lose elections if they listened to her counsel.

“Bufoonish, absolutely buffoonish,” he said. “Absolutely ineffective. Impotent. And no, Ted Cruz isn’t lying and he’s not fear-mongering. He’s telling the truth, as a matter of fact. A leaderless, gutless, rudderless Republican Party that will continue to lose if it keeps this up — if it continues to listen to people like Nicolle Wallace.”

According to Levin, Wallace’s remarks shouldn’t dispirit conservatives, but infuriate them then motivate them to defeat that “wing” of the GOP.

“We have a political war to win,” Levin added. “Oh, yes, even at the federal level we have a political war to win. And the first war we need to win is against the Nicolle Wallace types, the McCain, Bush, Christie, etc., etc., Nixon, Ford, Rockefeller, Scranton-wing of the Republican Party. Reagan had to do it and he did it. We have to do it, too. And I feel we will.”

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