Organizing for Action silent on Syria

Bethan Owen Contributor
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Organizing for Action (OFA), Obama’s grassroots campaign organization, has so far had nothing to say about Syria.

The group of approximately 2 million volunteers has boosted public support for Obama’s priorities in the past, but instead of doing so with the president’s proposed actions in the Middle East, it has chosen to focus on Obamacare, immigration reform, climate change, gun control — anything other than Syria.

The silence hasn’t gone unnoticed by either party. The Washington Examiner quoted one Democratic strategist who had noted OFA’s lack of involvement: “It’s not necessarily something that there is consensus within the progressive community on, and it’s not been an issue that they’ve commented to supporters on. … [The White House is] not trying to turn this into a political issue.”

Barack Obama’s Twitter account (@BarackObama) is run by OFA, although the president occasionally uses it to send personal messages. There have been no tweets about Syria for at least two weeks, although in that time there has been a shoutout to Magic Johnson.