Shooting occurred during National Emergency Preparedness Month

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Days before Monday’s Washington Navy Yard shooting, the Naval District Washington encouraged emergency preparedness.

Last week, Naval District Washington announced its observance of September as National Emergency Preparedness Month, calling on everyone to ask “Am I Navy ready?”

“September brings many changes to Naval District Washington (NDW); cooler temperatures, changing leaves, football season. But it also begins a time of safety, readiness and preparation,” the Sept. 12 release reads.

According to Jeff Sanford, Navy Installations Command emergency management specialist, National Preparedness Month helps to remind everyone “to be informed, make a plan, build a kit, and stay informed, not just for a month, but every day,”

“National Emergency Preparedness Month is a way to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to the safety of you, your family, and your shipmates,” said Edward Lewis, Naval Support Activity Washington safety and occupational health specialist, in a statement.

“Having a plan in place, knowing what to do, and staying informed in the case of any emergency will usually prevent trouble and anxiety, and sometimes tragedy,” he added. “I recommend that everyone to take advantage of resources such as to keep themselves one step ahead of preventable danger.”

According the website, Ready Navy “is a pro-active Navy-wide emergency preparedness, public awareness program. It is designed for you, the Navy community, to increase the ability of every person and family on or near Navy installations to meet today’s challenges head on and plan and prepare for all types of hazards, ranging from hurricanes and earthquakes to terrorist attacks.”

According to the release, September is a month for heightened awareness largely due to hurricane season.

“Following your local weather updates and ensuring compliance with preparedness guidance is an essential part of the [emergency preparedness] process,” Larry R. Nelson, director of training and readiness for NDW, said. “Advanced preparedness is the key to having an advantage over an inclement weather situation.”

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