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Need another reason to hate “Blurred Lines”?

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Probably not. The song is annoying enough on its own, even putting aside its misogynist lyrics and cynically exploitative video. Not to mention the way Robin Thicke tunelessly belted it out while Miley Cyrus leered like a coked-up demon and waggled her stringy buttocks at him. It’s everything that’s wrong with pop culture in 2013, all wrapped up in a convenient 4-minute package.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the Smoking Gun reports:

A Florida man arrested for child abuse struck his underage female victim with a metal rod to the beat of “Blurred Lines,” the hit song by Robin Thicke, according to a police report.

Investigators arrived Sunday night at the Pensacola home of Steven Grady Fillingim, 40, in response to a child abuse complaint. The victim told Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputies that Fillingim beat her for being “lazy” and cutting school last Thursday.

While the victim’s name has been redacted from a sheriff’s office report, she appears to be Fillingim’s daughter…

On the day she skipped school, the girl told deputies, Fillingim beat her on the legs with a 30-inch metal rod known as a “switch.” During the videotaped assault, which lasted 40 minutes, Fillingim “played the Robin Thicke song ‘Blurred Lines,’ striking her with the switch to the beat of the music,” according to an unsettling Escambia County Sheriff’s Office report.

Here he is:


Let the punishment fit the crime. Lock up Fillingim in a soundproofed room, completely empty except for two things: a very sharp object and hidden speakers blasting “Blurred Lines” in a continuous loop, 24/7.

Then just wait. Whatever happens, happens.

Maybe something good can come of that crime against music after all.

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Jim Treacher