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Death to Obamacare nonbelievers, says fundraiser for University of California, San Francisco

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As the disaster that is Obamacare looms closer and closer, the leftists defending it are screeching louder and louder.

Last week a couple of lefties, a journalism professor and a Sacramento Democratic Party apparatchik, used Twitter to wish death on the children of anyone who disagrees with them about gun control. Now, another of their fellow Obama cultists wants infidels dead for opposing Obamacare:


“Nonbelievers.” What a revealing choice of words. Twitter’s 140-character limit really forces the truth out of these Marxists, doesn’t it?

Thanks to the great Nick Searcy for screencapping that, because Stephanie Handler has since deleted her Twitter account, as well as her LinkedIn profile that identified her as a UCSF employee working in “University Development and Alumni Relations.” She’s still listed in the UCSF directory.

After the evidence was presented at the irreplaceable Twitchy.com, the post was updated with Ms. Handler’s panicky excuse:

In response to this blog post, we have been advised by Ms. Handler that she has withdrawn her comment, and she has deleted her social media accounts, including the Twitter account through which her comment was originally made. She has also indicated to Twitchy that the comment has nothing to do with her work for the University of California, San Francisco, and that she has reached out to that institution’s Human Resources department to discuss the matter. She has further stated that she did not intend to imply that anyone should die; the comment was made in jest; and she truly did not mean to offend anyone. While we have declined her request to delete this post, we are publishing this addendum as an update and in order to provide further context.

Just kidding! Get it?

I’m not sure what she’s worried about. How many UCSF alumni will be offended by what she said? They’ll probably add an extra zero to their next donation.

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Jim Treacher